Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Doing My Part To Save The Human Race

“Without them the human race would not survive”. That was the mantra of the bee keeping class I attended a couple of years ago. I was all set to get a nice bar hive and get busy doing my part to save the human race. That was the same time the big "C" word crept its ugly head into my life, surgery and then the waiting game forced me to make decisions about my busy life. I had no doubt that I would survive but it still makes one rethink their priorities. I have my work cut out for me in the gardens and and the maintenance of Menagerie Manor itself. At 102 the old girl has to be watched for bits and pieces that might sag with age. So with all that the idea of raising honey bees was pushed aside. Also our local government requires permits and the hive cannot interfere with the safety of neighbors. As much as I enjoy raising the fur on the "Crazy Cat Lady" I just don't need those battles this late in my life.
Then just the other afternoon while doing some unnecessary shopping at Costco I stumbled on this little gem, it is a Mason bee box. Mason bees are not hive builders and no honey harvesting involved. They lay their eggs in tubes and then pack the end with mud. The larva hibernate till spring and then the tiny new bees emerge and are off to pollinate.

There are many different Mason Bee boxes available, but this one is the largest and most inexpensive one that I have seen, and anyone can have one no matter the size of garden. Mason bees are harmless little bees that can be handled without being stung. 


  1. Would you ever make one? The thread I use for weaving comes on those little cardboard tubes. I have saved them, hoping someone would be interested in raising Mason bees. No one was interested in the care and upkeep, so my little collection grows. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

  2. That is a great compromise, Doc.
    Anyone in the family that can help with house stuff when you need something?
    I understand your problem though. We have similar ones here.