Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Bull in a China Closet" I'm sure most of you have heard that description and it was usually used by a frustrated parent whilst issuing a verbal scolding to a clumsy offspring for breaking a cherished memento. Here at Menagerie Manor it was quite frequently describing Popeye, MeMa's Boston Terrier. He could never just walk into the house, he would stand at the door with the other dogs and then when the door opened he would bolt through knocking the other dogs out of his way and sometimes the unlucky human that opened the door and was not privey to his great need to enter quickly. If one were to thumb through their dog book and come across the page devoted to the Boston Terrier they would be welcomed by the pleasant description of said dog as " the American Gentlemen among dogs" ???????
He was our eldest son Nathan's dog for the first few years but came to live with us when he and his wife seperated. I tried to rant my way out of it saying "Nathan can come live here but that dog will not step foot in this house.....he pee's on everything......he is not a normal Boston, he is rude and that farting could kill one of us."
Soooooo, when Nathan and Popeye moved back home there were alot of adjustments to be made mostly on my part because MeMa was in a state of joy not only having our Nathan back in his old room but our grandson Brooklyn as well and Popeye to boot.
The other animals were in the same camp as myself when it came to Popeye. There were several skirmishes between the other dogs that very easily could have ended badly but I was fast on my feet to break things up. Betty was very tolerant and I chalked that up to her earlier training as a therapy dog, no it was usually the "Little Nazi" Sophie who has no patience for rude behavior.
A short while later Nathan told us he was taking an apartment but would not be taking Popeye because of a no pet policy. MeMa assured him that Popeye would be fine living here.....and that I was in complete agreement.......?
I have to admit he was no dumb, dumb, every rude or unacceptable behavior that was met with a stern verbal reprimand was usually never repeated but there were a few times that he was banished to the sunroom to spend some time alone thinking about his bad behavior.
Soon he was part of the crowd at Menagerie Manor and a fare amount of peace and tranquility was returned to the house.
Popeye loved to go for rides in the car and his favorite treat was going with MeMa for her cup of coffee because the nice people that worked there always gave him a dog treat. When his MeMa was away he would sit and watch the door for hours anticipating her return.

Once in a moment of weakness I felt sorry for him so I drove him out to the airport in MeMa's litttle Volkswagen Beetle to pick her up and he watched every plane land with great interest.
As I wrote in an earlier post he developed Cushings disease, we knew that his life would be cut short. His vet advised us that we should make him comfortable as the treatment for the disease was dangerous and only prolonged the life of the dog by one year. We tried several natural remedies and nothing worked as the disease progressed. As it is a canceer of the pituary gland he was ravenous at all times resorting to eating his own feaces and anything else that had an oder to it. Most of his hair soon vanished forcing him to depend on his custom jackets that we had made to keep him comfortable.
 His vet told us that we would know when it was time to end his battle, that happened last Wednesday. Nathan joined us to say goodby and see that his life ended peacefully and with some dignity.
After, MeMa and I returned to Menagerie Manor so that our Sophie could see that Popeye was at peace before taking him to be cremated.

5/18/07 to 4/13/16


  1. Hugs from New Zealand - so sad to lose a "member of the family" like that.

  2. *hugs* Condolences on losing a member of your family.

  3. Another good dog, gone. Thank you for honoring him.

  4. That makes me so sad Doc. My son has two and every time I go see them, one, Pokey, flies into my lap and with her big maw she slimes my face. Very quick those dogs. They love me and I them. I don't know how to face losing my weenies, but they will be my last, as I can't lose another dog. Sorry about Popeye.

  5. I am so very, very sorry. Hugs from South Carolina, too.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your loss Doc. A wonderful tribute to Popeye. xx

  7. Oh, Doc, such a loving tribute to Popeye, how they steal your heart. I laughed out loud at the photo of him 'thinking about his bad behaviour'. I know that look! I would love to have another dog, can't quite part with the basket, bowls and toys, but Himself doesn't want to go there. We'll see! Well done for making the right and honourable decision, it isn't easy.

  8. It is sad, but you gave him good life,love and care. All my dogs in last 20 years are dogs that my children left here after they left the house for their own life.

  9. I'm sorry to read this as I know the pain all to well. Dogs never live long enough in my opinion and the worst thing of all is that they are irreplaceable. My thoughts are with you all.

  10. Aww, Doc I'm so saddened to read that Popeye has left us...
    He had the Life of Riley I'm sure, our pets never stay with us long enough :(