Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring In Portland

Global warming at it's finest? Don't know what it is exactly, but two years in a row of unseasonably warm winters, early springs and long hot summers have had amazing effects on the gardens. In March I removed twice as much growth from the wisteria hoping to reduce the amount of bloom (crazy I know) because MeMa claims it makes such a mess of the patio. Well it is still loaded with blooms and more coming on. The large green leaf in the photo is Acanthus Mollis or Grecian Pattern plant, it normally dies down in the winter but for the last two winters it has not.
I was just going to post the photo of the wisteria but after walking through the gardens I decided to share some more of what else has decided to show up early.

The first rose to bloom in the garden is 'Cecile Brunner' the diminutive light pink polyantha rose from 1881.

And the second to bloom (for Grouchy) is 'Francis dubreuil' a gem from 1894

Euphorbia and pink flamingos
Spring blooming Clematis montana 'Marjorie'

Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel'
Golden Chain tree doing a good job of competing  with the wisteria in showmanship
Pink Dogwood 'Cherokee Chief' is one of the original plants on the property and the house is 100 years old this year.
Pincushion plant, Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue'

Bachelor button holding up the fading hellebores
Geranium maculatum album
Hosta 'Fire Island' with its chartreuse leaves and red petioles encroaching on heuchera
'Snow Angel'

I am running a bit late getting the tomatoes potted up for the neighborhood tomato give away, this is just a few of the many that take up the bulk of the greenhouse.


  1. I'd think you lived in the tropics, if I didn't know you lived in Portlandia. How gorgeous. I simply cannot grow roses. Blackspot leaves them leafless. I've tried everything. Doc you really do have a green thumb.

  2. Your gardens are fabuloso. I'll be patient. I have a new rule: if it hasn't come to the garden center yet, it's not time and stop whining.

  3. What a glorious garden you have Doc, all so lovingly tended, the colors are spectacular.
    We also seem to be ahead this year Doc, roses and clematis in full bloom mid April, I'd say yes global warming is here to stay.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your garden today.

  4. Your garden is wonderful. We are having an Indian Summer.

  5. What a beautiful garden you have! I love the roses. We have very little winter weather this year and I'm afraid the mosquitoes are going to be worse than ever because of it.

  6. I've not seen that maculatum album Geranium before. Beautiful; I must find one.

  7. Oh how I would love to put my nose in that bloom and inhale. Thanks, Doc!

  8. Everything looking splendid, Doc, and I'm green with envy over all your wisteria flowers. I don't get a solitary flower from mine in spite of pruning 'by the book'. I think I'm going to have to concede defeat and replace it with another. In your first photo the garden looks quite Japanese in style and a lovely place to sit.
    Keep potting!

  9. For some reason, known only to blogger, some blogs I follow aren't showing up on my dashboard, although your blog and the others show up on the list I follow. At any rate, I thought I'd stop by your blog and let you know that despite the glitch, that I'll get figured out, you're being thought of as the summer season starts -- At least I think it is, can't be too sure this year, can we? :-)