Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let It Rain

This water storage tank sat in the corner of the driveway for far too long. Before that it sat in my sisters yard, one of two that sat in her yard for several years. Being the generous little sister that she is, one of them followed me home. The idea was I was going to drive it into the nursery behind our property and have some of the employees help lift and drop it over our fence and then have them come round and help drag it into the location you now see it. It is quite heavy with its thick steel base, the cage surrounding it is light aluminum and the plastic tank is feather light compared to the rest of it. Well, I got tired of waiting for help so being the resourceful fellow that I can be on the rare occasion, I got some tools out and dismantled the damn thing. I admit it is not the most attractive thing but at least it is in the utility yard and not out in plain sight in one of the gardens.
For just under fifteen dollars I purchased 25 feet of corrugated hose and an attachment for the downspout.

I then attached it to the rain gutter and used zip ties to attach it to the fence line running behind the greenhouse.

All the while rain clouds threatened to dump the expected record rain fall.

The whole set-up took about 45 minutes and just as I was gathering up my tools the rain started to fall.
At 10:00 pm I braved the rain to check on the water level. Completely full and running off the top of the tank. 300 gallons in seven hours......good old Oregon rain.
I have a small electric pump that I will pump the stored rain water into the greenhouse where I have a 55 gallon tank that I use to water my orchids and seed trays.

Rain water can make for some happy orchids


  1. Another job done. You're good at retirement, too.

  2. Thanks Joanne, I am enjoying myself so far.

  3. What Good timing and what a great way to re-purpose! Have a great weekend, Doc!

  4. Good job Ron, I'm proud of you as always. Dad