Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Hey Doc, How Is Retirement?"

"So how is retirement?" I have been asked this question so many times since that event that I have lost track....not that I have been keeping track. Quite frankly I have been so busy that it still feels like one big long weekend and before I know it I will be going back to the office. Except there was that office party and all the congrats. 

Office party with staff


After 37 years in the business the district Manager had plenty of stories to tell all who were gathered and since I trained him many years ago I had a few to tell of my own, I also trained his late mother before he started working.
From left: Granddaughter Taeya, MeMa holding Granddaughter Lucy, retired boss Jim and Rail Maintenance Manager Jean

I received this engraved clock along with a handsome gift card

That cake says it all, does it not?

Among other duties I was the Transportation Department Cartographer and the logo on the bottom right was on every map I created. Yes, that is Vivian the Volvo who carried me safely to and from every project. Happy retirement Vivian!

Then that next Saturday my lovely wife planned a wonderful retirement party at the Rail Heritage Museum with catered dinner and adult beverages included. It was a lovely evening with friends, coworkers and family.
Don't remember what I said but it got a big laugh out of the Executive Manager of Rail Transportation and long long time friend Denis Van Dyke
He presented me with a shadow box he built and put together with some of pins and awards that I received over the years including the last brass belt buckle that I designed for the National Rail Rodeo.
It was a wonderful evening that was made possible by my lovely wife, from the incredible venue to the food and drink. I think the 60+ in attendance had a fun night out as well.
These four grew up together and still draw giggles and laughter when they get together.
From left to right: Our youngest son Ian, our eldest son Nathan and their sisters in every ounce of trouble they caused us in their growing up, Tori and Lora

I know this old man and the "Little Terrorists" had a blast. The museum volunteers were wonderful and allowed us to have a photo taken on board the old 700


  1. What is it they say? After the Lord Mayor's Show come the fireworks - now that all the singing and dancing is over the hard work of retirement kicks in - believe me (from one who knows), within a couple of months you will wonder how you ever found time to go to work.

  2. I echo the Weaver's comments. There are never enough hours in the day - enjoy!!!