Monday, October 5, 2015

Little Ninja

 We sadly said goodbye to one of the dearest little dogs that came into our lives. 
Ninja or Ninjie as our granddaughter Lucy called her, had a wonderful life with our son Ian and daughter-in-law Jill. Ninja came into our lives when she attended Oregon State University with Jill and Ian, she loved the early years on campus attending class out of view inside Ian's jacket.
While she attended college was when we introduced our Betty to her and they became immediate friends. Many a time Ninja would come home on a break and spend time at Menagerie Manor playing with Betty and the other animals. She loved playing chase with Max the cat who was so gentle even being at least twice her size.
A few years later life as Ninja knew it changed, nap time with her boy suddenly included another little soul that soon won her heart, Taeya our first granddaughter.

 Among her life changes was when Ninjas mother QP and sister Rhonda came back into her life.
 That bed was getting darn full.

There were trips to the park and Ninja loved to ride in the wagon with Taeya.
Sometimes she would be joined by our Betty
Ian and Brooklyn playing games
Ninja accepted changes with grace, she knew no matter who shared snuggle time with her boy she always had her spot.
Lucy was soon added to the fold
Morning Kisses
Sharing peanut butter sandwiches by the fire

Babysitting Hector while Lucy was busy
October 7th
I have been corrected, the dolly is Hector's sister Isabelle 

Ninja loved our family stays at the beach

I will miss my little jacket buddy


  1. How sad we are when we lose our pets. It is the price we pay for loving dogs, who have such short lives compared with ours. Goodbye little dog - looks like you gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people

  2. They certainly do not stay as long as we wish they could. Goodbye too your sweet little pal.

  3. As the Weaver said it is always sad when one loses a pet. She, obviously had a wonderful life with your son and his family. Hugs from New Zealand.

  4. Very sorry to hear this Doc. That photo of them all in bed is priceless. RIP Ninja.

  5. A beautiful little friend, so sad that Ninja has left us

  6. Ninja was indeed a great little dog. My condolences to all.