Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring in Portland and Las Vegas

Spring has sprung
 Fall just fell
Robins chirp
Frogs burp

It is officially spring in Portland although with our very unusual mild winter things have bloomed here a little early. The daffodils are about finished but the tulips are bursting with color.
It is Spring Break for the schools here and the lovely MeMa has taken advantage of it and gone off to Vegas with her two partners in adventure Andrea and Debbie. Taking a break from casino life she managed to send a few photo's
Evidently Tulips in Vegas are bursting a little better.....yes, well moving along......
The view out our sun room is starting to look quite colorful, Rhododendron Christmas Cheer is the first to bloom.
Finally after six years my fan palm has decided that palms like Oregon and has put on 
some new growth.
The Vegas Girls are staying on the 14th floor of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, look at all those palm trees.
Their first adventure was riding the High Roller, each pod holds 40 people and it takes a half hour to make one revolution....... needless to say one gets quite a view......look at all those palm trees will you! Perhaps palm trees do prefer Vegas.

The Mt. Fuji Cherry is in splendid form this year each flower cluster the size of an egg.

Everything is in bloom in Vegas

Athena the lone surviving Koi swimming toward me looking for some food

 Pond at the Bellagio....don't see any koi in that pond!

It is getting warm enough for the last of the orchids to go out in the greenhouse along with the little pink flamingo.

......Ok that is one very impressive flamingo dear, but it stays in Vegas.


  1. I've just planted my 3rd Palm tree. I bought a 2.5 metre tall tree, so it's already looking good. Is that YOUR Monkey Puzzle tree? I've always wanted one. Lucky you!

  2. A nice tour of spring. I understand it will happen in NE Ohio, too.

  3. Lovely photos, my tulips are just breaking ground. Many moons ago I used to spend spring break in Florida as my boyfriend at the time was doing his masters there. Happy memories, I haven't been back since then.

  4. Your yard and gardens are amazing, Doc. All your hard work shows. Thanks for sharing your green thumb with us.
    Glad MeMa is having a good time. Hope she has a safe trip back!