Monday, October 27, 2014

List Maker

"List Maker"..... that's me.  I make lists, I even make lists of lists.  Perhaps this came about from boredom while on one of our many many trips across country as a child.  To fight boredom I started writing lists of things to do after a destination was met.  At work, a major part of my job is record keeping for historical accuracy.  Everyone knows if one needs information either past or present, you call Doc.  I love lists!
One of my lists that I caught hell for and snickered at for the first few years, was my "Halloween Record Book".   But now it is a tradition that everyone accepts as part of the experience.  The grandkids love to count out loud as they hand treats to the costumed trick-or-treaters and then make the tally marks in Poppi's record book that MeMa has covered in Halloween fabric.
Once an old used expense record book with the used pages ripped out.  It is now covered in Halloween fabric that MeMa had in her sewing box.

In the beginning years it was just simply tally marks next to the year and a total in the far column.

I still make the tally marks but MeMa has started adding notes on weather or events such as the 
"Annual Giant Pumpkin Parade".
Hope all of you have a wonderful fun filled and safe Halloween.



  1. If I had no paper or pen I might go mad. A pen is attached to the dash board of my car, and if I can't safely reach the paper, I write on my hand.

  2. I am responsible for our weekly shopping lists (I'm the cook). If I left it to Lady Magnon she'd simply buy pretty packets, and we'd have nothing to eat. However, one conversation always crops up; "Did you buy the hand cream?" (or whatever). To which I reply "If it wasn't on the list, I didn't buy it". Nothing changes.

  3. Now you've done it. I'm hooked on your blog, bookmarked forever. I came to this address via Cro Magnon and his daily meanderings. Another bookmarked forever. ( I have a terrible soft spot for Bok.) Keep writing...we're out here.

  4. Gosh, that is really serious list making, I am very impressed. I only make an occasional hasty scrawl on the back of an envelope before I set out for a supermarket shop - I think that you (and Cro) would despair of me!