Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Balloon Has Landed

The "Balloon" is actually my baby sisters greenhouse with a wayfarers past. It has been moved about the yard in the past to accommodate changes in the landscape so was never really secured in its spot. Then one day as my sister looked out her kitchen window she saw her greenhouse changing its spot in the landscape with the help of a good wind. Over the last year it has blown across the garden several more times. So last Sunday with the help of the "Crew" the "Balloon was forced to land...permanently.

My brother Steve (on the right) and I discuss the foundation while the balloon lurks behind us.

Sister Terri gives it her approval
Last block in place
Foundation built, my father joined the rest of us from his photo taking and we all took a corner and lifted it for one more airborne trip up and over to its foundation.
Secured in its place, there will be no more rolling about the garden for this greenhouse.

There is still some finishing work to be done such as missing panels replaced and the door will have to be rebuilt. But we all retreated to the house for a very delicious lunch that my sister had prepared and a glass of my favorite scotch....Thanks little sister!