Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Beach Fun

Chambers Family Beach Trip

Our arrival.
My work van seats eight humans and just as many dogs and the trailer holds all their stuff.

Standing left to right
Youngest son Ian, youngest granddaughter Lucy, daughter-in-law Jill, Daughter-in-law Jackie with grandson Brooklyn in front of her, eldest son Nathan, yours truly Doc or Poppi holding the "Little Nazi" Sophie, eldest granddaughter Aungelle, granddaughter Adrianne holding granddog Ninja.
The lovely MeMa with Popeye the sidekick in all mischief caused by Lucy, granddaughter Taeya our "Princess in Pink" although she is dressed in black and grey

We may not be the Kennedy clan at Kennebunkport Maine - but the Chambers clan at Lincoln City,  had a wonderful four days enjoying long walks on the beach with grandkids running, building sand castles, flying kites and exploring our own discovered hidden cove while the dogs barked and chased after.

Looking for shells in the sand on our own little private beach accessed when the tide goes out and everyone runs like mad before the waves come in and soak you.

Lucy claiming this uncharted beach in the name of Chambers

 caves to explore

....and we were not the only ones in the caves

Panoramic view off the deck.  No, I am not the photographer, our son Ian is the artist

The second floor deck covers the entire back of the house and is great to just kick back and enjoy the sun and the view

Sea Whips make a fun game of move it or lose it

And Aunt Jackie has a mean swing

Nothing better than playing on the beach until sunset and then everyone heads back to the house for a good meal and some quiet time.

Lucy is having "see food".....get it?

After a meal it was time for some quiet time and Little Ninja kept watch over such events.

After a good night sleep it was up early to go beach combing but first Lucy had snuggle time with dad and Ninja

Then it was time to put your boots on and get walking


fly another kite another.....something ?

MeMa built a Mermaid

MeMa always brings plenty of craft supplies to get the creative juices flowing.......

.......while affording some time for

adult refreshment.

The Chambers family beach trip always includes MeMas famous Clam Chowder which everyone loves including the "Little Terrorists"

This year uncle Ian cooked up a large pot of his spicy chili and corn bread

....I think that spoon no longer has a bowl left on the bottom of it. I had three helpings of it, but it was definitely off the children's menu. 

      If the world starts bogging you down I highly recommend an escape to the coast to...

fly a kite at sunset.......

......or jump some waves

.......or just bury a very patient dog in the sand
There is nothing better than fresh salt air to take the war cries out of the little warriors and bring a sense of peace and quiet over the house.


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I am sure a scotch would have gone down well.

  2. A holiday is nothing without kids, dogs, water, sunshine, and good food. Looks like you had the lot!

    1. Cro,
      Could have used some of your hot chili’s in that chili con carne.

  3. what a fantastic family trip to the beach...when Don was alive our favorite thing to do was go to the beach...Atlantic or Pacific or Gulf we had some good times

    1. Theanne,
      Making memories is what it is all about.

  4. How great to be able to get the whole gang together, same place, same time. Keep it up.

    1. Joanne,
      Sometimes it is difficult with everyone’s work schedules and school but with a lot of effort on our part we make it happen.

  5. How great to have the chance to build memories for your children and grandchildren. My nieces and nephews cherish the times my late parents took them to the beach for a weekend or week somewhere in the Outer Banks. As they got older they tried to beat their one tricky aunt and card shark grandfather at any and all games. The howls could be heard over the quiet night time waves. Great times and great memories. Your "little terrorists" are very lucky as are their beloved grandparents.
    Leslie in NJ

    1. Leslie,
      Thanks for your comment, sounds like you have good memories of the beach as well. We are blessed with a very active and happy family that fortunately don’t mind spending time with their parents/grandparents.

  6. Every one seemed happy and the place looks very interesting. What a wonderful family outing.

  7. Love the first group family photo
    Very professional