Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miss Betty

Since the beginning of our married life MeMa and I have filled it with the love of dogs and although there have also been many many other creatures that have shared our life as well, dogs, I would have to say are our greatest love.  All of them with different but lovable personalities that will have a permanent place in our hearts.  However once in a while we are blessed and I say truly blessed with a creature that graces our lives and love with a whole hearted love and devotion that surpasses all expectations.  Fourteen years ago our Australian Shepherd, Meg had a stroke but with quick action from our wonderful veterinarian she slowly pulled through but we could tell that age was gaining ground on her.  One day CCL the crazy cat lady asked us if we would go with her to pick out a Corgi puppy, she wanted a male and the breeder was driving in from southern Oregon with several puppies and adult dogs to choose from.  Turned out that there was only one male puppy and one little female with the most gorgeous hazel eyes that looked straight into our hearts.  CCL remained focused on the male which was her first choice and quite happily went home with Bentley.  MeMa and I went home by ourselves quietly thinking but not saying what was in our hearts.  When we got into the house Meg and Otto greeted us as usual and at that point words flowed out of our mouths both of us regretting not taking home that wonderful little Corgi puppy.  MeMa called CCL and and got the number of the breeder, but when she called they had already left for home.  Fortunately she said that they needed to drop some friends off at the Portland airport in a couple of days and would bring the pup with them. 

Nephew Nick, niece Carly cuddling Betty on her second day with us

Meg and Betty having a tussle

Betty meets our grand-dog Ninja

MeMa, Meg and Betty

Although Meg turned her nose up at this new addition to the family it was not long before they became fast friends and we both agree that Betty brought renewed strength to Megs aging body and was probably the reason she lived another two years before the light went out of her eyes.

Betty had an intelligent dignity about her that was calming, never showing any confrontational behavior.  She would turn her head and look straight into MeMas eyes when another dog approached.  Acutely tuned into MeMa's reactions, when she was happy Betty was overjoyed dancing at her feet, when she was upset Betty would quietly shuffle her body up to MeMa offering her sympathy.  MeMa and Betty went through therapy dog training, successfully graduating the very intense training and going on to minister to an autistic child at a local children's home.

Betty at Otter Rock
Always game for adventure she loved to travel with us whether it being a trip to the beach, the family cabin or her last trip to my twin brothers home in Phoenix Arizona.  She was happiest just being with her humans.  Even when they forced her into posing for the traditional family Christmas card photo's

Reading "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

Santa's helper Otto being pulled by Betty the reindeer

Otto didn't like heights so he refused to be a part of the nonsense
Three little Reindeer

As you know from my previous post "Betty's Wheels" February 15, 2013 Betty developed degenerative myolapathy and we were told that she would probably only live another few months.  We were determined to help her have quality of life until the end.  We traveled to Whidbey Island in Washington state and had a set of custom wheels built to support her hind legs which at that time where losing strength and motor skills.  I firmly believe that Betty could sense her humans need for her to fight this battle with the dignity and cheerfulness she always showed.  Betty lived longer than most victims of D.M. surprising us as well as her veterinarian who told us when she became incontinent it would be the end of her battle.  Although we kept her on absorbent pads in the last few months she never became completely incontinent, it was her front legs that gave out next or perhaps it was the fading light in her eyes that told us she needed to start her last journey.  That last journey that would take her out of our lives but never our hearts.  

Miss Betty
2001 to 2014


  1. Thank you for sharing Miss Betty with us. Good bye, good dog.

  2. They become such good friends don't they? Bless her xx hugs from me xx

  3. I understand your pain, Doc. So sorry.

  4. Oh dear Doc, I have tears in my eyes.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your fine dog and friend. It was a blessing having her as part of your tribe.

  6. It is always so sad when ones loses a treasured pet. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  7. She must have been a lovely dogs. I know what you feel because for 13 year we also had a wonderful dog. We have friend who have a corgi that looks very much like Miss Betty. They are a nice breed.

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss Doc. Losing a dear friend and companion is always difficult. Sounds like she live a very happy. I hope you remember all the good times you all shared!