Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fresh Orange Juice

I love the smell of citrus, of course they don't much care for Oregon climate but to walk into a greenhouse where citrus is in bloom.....well it makes the heart sing.
While I was in Arizona I filled bags of oranges and grapefruit to be brought home by my parents when they returned to Portland for the summer. I gave many away to family but kept the majority, but even I had a tough time finishing all before they strarted to spoil, so I juiced the rest and MeMa and I made cocktails......
Out of the remaining eighteen oranges I collected 26 oz. of fresh juice. The old "Juice Mate" (upper left) which my parents recieved as a wedding gift worked great and retained the seeds so all one ended up with was juice. The little hand press on the cutting board is made by "Pampered Cheff", it was quick and easy but you get seeds and juice together. Sadly there are no boxes of oranges in the garage to permeate the air with that lovely citrus smell, it once again smells like a garage.

Thanks for the oranges little brother, I had a wonderful time.


  1. Maybe you could store the peelings in the garage for a while...
    It looks like some great juice, Doc.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Cor; lucky you. I have to buy my orange juice in Tetra packs.