Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, Family, Gardening And Breaking A Record

The first of many seed trays sitting on the potting bench
As you can see my greenhouse is covered wall to wall with bubble insulation.  In a normal year the weather would warrant it but the temperatures have been crazy warm here.  Easter Sunday reached a record breaking 77 degrees, in fact we all had a lovely Easter brunch out on the patio.
We have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt for all the smaller children, so promptly at 9:00 am parents and grandparents hid as many eggs as possible.  Then at 9:30 with baskets in hand the children went from one yard to the next hunting for eggs.

Little Terrorists, Brooklyn and Taeya.
They only look innocent, but both made quite the haul
Little Lucy turned out to be the consummate egg hunter
After the hunt everyone returned to the start for some morning goodies for children and adults.  Then everyone returned home for Easter brunch and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

A sure sign of spring when the Mt. Fuji Cherry is in full bloom

A fun time was had by all, the "Little Terrorists" all pumped up on chocolate. And then they all went home leaving MeMa and I all alone, isn't that so sad???? No that would be called "pay back"
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


  1. Sounds like a fun day was had by all!!

  2. This blog is more American than Norman Rockwell

  3. Wonderful photos, Doc!
    Glad to see someone had a pleasant Easter.
    Have a blessed weekend! ♥

  4. Is that your Cherry tree? If so, I notice that you also have a Monkey Puzzle tree; my very favourite tree of all time.