Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ruby - The Grand Dame of Menagerie Manor

The photo above was taken on August of 1989, our eldest son Nathan is holding the newest member of Menagerie Manor, "Ruby" named after the train yard (Ruby Junction) were I rescued her.  I was walking to work when I noticed a commuter train going east, away from me and  what I assumed was a rock shot off the track as the rail cars passed.  I went to collect the rock and hide it were no one else could put it back on the track.  As I was searching the area I saw it land and discovered that it was not a rock but a very frightened box turtle who now had a very nasty wound on the back of its shell.  I picked her up and she stuck her head out towards me giving me a very quizzical look.  I found a box back at the office and carried her with me giving her part of my lunch and some water.  Later that evening when we both arrived home she proved to be a very sociable creature.  Over the years we have rescued a number of different box and water turtles and a few tortoises that after they received food and care they went to new forever homes.  If native, were released in a safe area.  Ruby remained part of the Manor's permanent population.  I took her to a local reptile habitat and they aged Ruby at approximately 80 years of age, that was 1989.

Recently our company asked to do a short article about some of the animal rescues that I used to do, so I brought Ruby to the office where her new life began.  And as you can see she is still the little socialite in 2013.  She lives a very safe and comfortable life at the Manor along with her forty year old mate, Elmo who came to live with us about ten years ago. They winter in a large enclosure in MeMa's laundry room and summer in an outdoor one under MeMa's care and devotion. 


  1. Ruby is very lucky indeed!
    Have a blessed Sunday, Doc!

  2. I once had a tortoise that decided to hibernate under the garden bonfire. When the bonfire was lit (by my father), all we found was the shell.