Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012 - That's A Wrap !

 I would give MeMa a big hug for doing Christmas up so fine but my back is still out and that sort of activity is risky for this old fart.  So well done dear!

But I did a marvelous job of holding up the piano if I don't say so myself.
Besides doing all the gift purchasing she did all the wrapping (a talent I have never mastered), very tastefully decorated the thirteen rooms at Menagerie Manor, shopped for and cooked Christmas dinner for all the family.  All this accomplished along with trivial interruptions like breaking her ankle, babysitting grandkids with stomach flu, coming down with said flu and back on her feet and running the next day.  Only to get a call that her father was in emergency with a nasty bump on his head after falling out of his chair.  He is ok and back at the care facility but MeMa had a battle to get him there and after she insisted on an investigation, she found out that the a staff member had left him unattended in his wheelchair and the poor guy tried to get himself back into bed.
The garden room was the ideal site for such a group, so that meant we had to empty the room in order to place the tables. 

The meal was finished and we all retired to the living room.....

......when my mother blew the whistle on the bright jolly old elf's appearance.
Brooklyn was thrilled with his "supper cool box of Lego's"

Taeya magically transformed into Princess Jasmine as though the genie himself did it.

Christmas gifts out of the way it was time to celebrate "Little Terrorist #3", Lucy's 1st Birthday.
What did MeMa and Poppi get her?

The bright red upright piano MeMa found for her was a complete hit....enjoy the concert.
Lucy thought the cake was delicous to eat and wear. 
"The Little Terrorists"
Adrianne, Aúngelle with Lucy, Taeya and Brooklyn
So after a quick bath and jammie's, birthday girl joined the rest of the grandkids for a goofy picture to end a most enjoyable night and to wish you a safe and wonderful New Year coming.


  1. fabulous, Doc! I had a big smile!!

    1. Fabulous? OMG it is fabulous to hear from you, what a surprise after all this time. I hope all is well with you my friend.

  2. I'd keep her, if I was you (MeMa); she's obviously got the hang of things. But get rid of those Terrorists. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh I will keep her but wont get rid of the little Terrorists until you get rid of yours.

  3. Oh my gosh. So glad you are all well after all is said and done.
    God bless.
    Have a safe New Year's Eve and a Blessed New Year. ♥