Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sneaking Back

I could bore you all with tons of excuses as to why I have been absent but the plain and simple version is that life in general has been keeping me away. Nothing in particular just life, I'm quite sure you can all relate. I hope all of you out there in Blogger land are doing well. I did a quick walk through the garden this morning before heading off to work. So will post a few photo's and then be off.

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I missed these Night Blooming Cyrus, but was grateful they hung on till morning

The greenhouse was filled with their perfume

.....and just outside the greenhouse door a nice clump of "Poor Man's Orchids" "Impatiens balfourii"

I planted these dwarf Hen's and Chicks last year and was quite pleased to see they bloomed a wonderful rose color. I think MeMas "ladies" enjoyed them as well.

Clematis Jackmanii, a vigorous bloomer

One of MeMa's favorite roses, "Mr. Lincoln"

One of my favorite roses,  "Mme Alfred Carriere". A very fragrant climber bred in  France in 1879 

Giant pumpkin seedlings will hopefully produce a winner for the annual Pumpkin Parade

I harvested these French Fingerling potatoes yesterday

We have had a very good year with these delicious sugar snap peas, this is the last of them.

We have frozen so many Raspberries, consumed many a breakfast feast and turned the "Little Terrorists" loose on them weekly in a grazing frenzy.

Hydrangea 'Sensation'


  1. I wondered where you had gone - still the photographs were worth the wait. I particularly like the fragrant climber rose. What a lovely, productive garden you have.

    1. Elaine, Things are just starting to produce as we had such a cold wet spring.

  2. Wow your garden is looking gorgeous, so healthy and green !
    What a beautiful rose, so delicate and such a soft shade of pink.
    I would love a hydrangea, they always stand out so vibrantly in the garden.

    1. Jo, I wonder if hydrangeas would suffer with your heat there. All of mine are from cuttings taken from other gardens. They really are quite lovely.

  3. I really MUST buy a Jackmanii. I have one or two others, but the J always seems to excel. Off to work with you.

    1. Cro, They are the hardiest of the clematis, do give them a try.

  4. I love it when life gets in the way of bloggingand not the other way around.