Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carefully Stored Tools?

As you may have guessed I take great pride in my collection of garden implements, and I have a large number of them. When used, I carefully clean and put them away and each one has its specific place. So when my heavy garden rake came up missing I was quite sure that some evil person had taken it or perhaps Lucy our resident ghost had decided that it would be great fun to start snatching things outdoors for a change of pace. The damn thing has been gone now for at least six months and Lucy never keeps things for more than a few weeks or a single month at the she is out of the back to thievery!
Oh not sooooo fast you blooming twit! Now in my defense I only have one useful eye and then there is the age thing going on here.......hmmmm. Click on the photo to enlarge if you like but just to the right of the bird house is the missing rake. Actually it would still have been missing except while out watering and feeding MeMa's Ladies.........
.........I heard a loud tapping noise only to look down at odd Gigi tapping out a tune on a wood pole thingy sticking out from behind the clematis growing on the chicken yard fabric. My garden rake is now firmly part of the chicken yard fencing, there really is no budging it. Anyone have a garden rake this old, half blind, absent minded gardener could borrow????


  1. For some bizarre reason I have 4 rakes. You'd be very welcome to borrow one. I'm in S W France!

    1. Ha! I'll ring you up as soon as I arrive ;o)