Friday, September 16, 2011

Good to Get Away But Great to Come Home

Sorry I have not posted in some time but I took advantage of the little bit of summer weather that Oregon granted us this year.   Every year the Chambers men go on a week long "fishing" trip to southern Oregon on Ten Mile Lake in Lakeside.  My two sons Nathan and Ian have always gone with my father and I, but sadly they are just beginning their lives as responsible husbands and fathers and their jobs don't allow that much time away in peak vacation time.   So this year it was myself, my father and my younger brother.  I must say that we made a very compatible trio to be holed up for most of a week in a motor home ( all-be-it a very large one, but none the less a motor home.)   We all are of a very relaxed nature, can talk for hours or just sit and read a good book, like to fish but prefer the catch and release method and then purchase fish already cleaned and frozen for supper at the local market.  And then the best part of all, in the evening we all three have a nice heart warming glass of single malt scotch!   It is a great bonding experience for the Chambers males as well as a pleasant change for the Chambers females to be rid of their pesky men for a week.  It was unfortunate for MeMa that the week I was gone was also the week of 90+ weather.  So a large portion of her day was spent watering the gardens and greenhouse and seeing to the many creatures at Menagerie Manor, all jobs I normally take care of.

Yours truly manning the trolling motor and fishing. "See dear, I can multi-task!"

First fish caught (catfish) and released. More multi-tasking!
Smile for the camera....umm.... Steve, I meant the fish.  Second fish caught, another catfish.

My brother Steve, relaxing after fighting that big fish into the boat.

After a hard day out on the lake two brothers sit and discuss the intricacies of life...oh, yes and have a scotch.
You may notice there are no pictures of my dear father.  That is because he was the only old man in the group to bring a camera, well it was his smart phone but none the less a camera. Thanks for the photo's dad!

After our return to civilization life returned to its normal fast pace, its good to get away but its always great to get back home!  A few days after coming home I made an appointment for a little day surgery on my toes that should have been done ten years ago but it takes me that long to get the courage up to have my feet even touched. It was one of those "old man things" that I preferred to live with until now and to tell you the truth I really should have done it ten years ago, because minus the fact that the only thing I can put on my feet for the next six weeks is a wide  sandal, they feel great for the first time in a long time.
My father just sent me an updated photo of my Giant Pumpkin, looks like Doc will have an entry in the 62nd Avenue Annual Pumpkin Parade this October.
Taken this Thursday 9/15/11

This is the same photo from my August 19th posting


  1. Looks like a great trip! Hope your toes heal quickly and you are back to dancing around the Manor soon! Is that pumpkin going to get a name?

  2. Melodie,
    Thanks for your wishes. You are the queen of great names I think I would like you to name the pumpkin.....pleeeeease.

  3. looks like a boy pumpkin to me...and we have great hopes for it..Gandalf the Great Pumpkin perhaps...or maybe Linus, who was the one true believer in Great Pumpkins..or maybe just plain Charlie?

  4. Glad to hear MeMa is well enough that you could take your trip!

    Ha. My hubby just had the same thing done to the big toe of his right foot. And he said the same thing. ;-)

    We used to fish for trout in Lake Oroville the same way. Laid back in the boat. Fun!
    Except for the day we went fishing and there was an earthquake...

    Good luck with your pumpkin, Doc. It looks fantastic!

  5. Enjoyed your post (chuckle, chuckle)and wishing you speedy recovery! Wow, pumpkin grew fast.

  6. Melodie, Thanks for the names, I talked to MeMA and she picked Linus...the one true believer!

  7. Linda,
    We keep the trout if we can get them but this year they won!

  8. Tooki,
    Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments. Yes the pumpkin grew very fast, must be that plentiful Oregon rain.