Monday, September 19, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast

This last spring when we went to the annual Rare Plant Research Nurseries once a year open house (post from May 23rd 2011), we purchased a beautiful plant called a Banana Canna 'canna musafolia'.

This was the little gem on the day of purchase
I have had many varieties of the canna family in the past and some of them boasted nice leaf color and others the flower was the standout. I personally prefer foliage over the flower in the gardens as I have my prize roses and my ever growing number of orchids that take the cake when it comes to bloom and anything else is.....well just a flower. So you can imagine my excitement when the Banana Canna lived up to its name.

The lovely MeMa stands at five foot two in front of the beast.
It has truly won a spot in the gardens here at Menagerie Manor.

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  1. Awesome. The plant obviously loves being at your house. :)