Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Addition in the Garden Room

Back in the late 80's I bought my Father-in-law a small aquarium and a few fish to go with it. It turned out to be a great gift as he enjoyed sitting and watching them swim about. When we recently moved him into a care center he could not take the aquarium with him. And being a complete softy when it comes to animals I brought the fish home but decided they needed a larger home......sooooo. Many hours and dollars later we now have a fifty-five gallon aquarium, but I added the special gravel for plants and the very special lighting system to keep those plants growing. When I was a kid, all we had was a bowl and a goldfish ....at least that is what my mum told me when she saw the setup for the first time. It really has turned out to be quite enjoyable and a great addition to the Garden Room.

Brought this Barrel Cacti in from the Greenhouse, this is the first time it has bloomed. It was a birthday gift from my oldest son Nathan and his wife Grace.

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