Friday, April 16, 2010

Buzz Box

Many years ago I was given some heavy wire panels that are framed in metal as well, I think they used to be part of a security fence system at a construction site so thieves would not be able to walk off with tools and equipment. The equipment was stolen anyway so the panels were discarded, their loss my gain. I used them in various sites in the garden as rose trellis and had two left over that I installed on the opposite side of the path that runs along my greenhouse. I planted Kiwi on it and then hung a bunch of bird houses that a local High school shop class made. At one end there is a rather large bad example of the type of craftsmanship the professor would have given a failing mark. I felt sorry for the student and grabbed it up telling him what a great job he did on it and added it to my collection. That was about ten years ago and it has never been inhabited, until yesterday.....I had just finished watering in the greenhouse and stepped out onto the path when I heard loud rhythmic buzzing coming from the birdhouse. I walked up and gave it a twitch and out swarmed half dozen peeved reddish fuzzy Bumble Bee's. Last Fall I attended a class on Bee Keeping at a local Nursery and the speaker said that these fairly gentle giants of the Bee world although not as industrious a species as honey bees will pollinate flowers. I am thrilled they have taken up residence in the "Buzz Box", and am sure the craftsman would be thrilled that his less then passing shop project was appreciated by a larger audience than myself.

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