Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

Saturday Mema and I went out to Forest Grove for a visit with her father at the Hospital. On our way to visit I stopped in at Larsen's Nursery and bought a one gallon sized Kiwi arguta "Issai" smooth skin for $14.99. It is a self fruiting hardy plant that produces green fruit about the size of a large grape. Don't know anything about them but that it is less invasive then the regular Kiwi vines. Crazy Cat Lady next door has several regular Kiwi's and they grow extremely fast and are out of hand in a short amount of time.
When we got home I transplanted the three Boxwood's from Mt. Vernon in the Mickey Garden. It will take a while for them to fill in but they are large enough for passersby to see what the idea is. The marigolds we planted every year did a nice job but they took a lot of care, so this will be lower maintenance and I love Boxwood in the garden. When we vacationed in D.C. we visited Mt. Vernon and I purchased Boxwood cuttings from the original plants that Martha Washington planted around the kitchen garden on the estate so these have a great history as well as depicting Mema and my favorite character "Mickey Mouse".

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