Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas Postcards and Bananas

Today we had an early start for a couple of old retired folk getting up at 07:15 leaving us enough time to dress and feed and exercise Roxy before we left the house. We made our one shopping trip to Costco which is a bulk store where we purchase a few things monthly that we cant get at our local grocers. Back home we spent the next hour trying for the perfect photo to grace our Christmas postcard. This following photo is not the one but is one of many that were taken this morning. Roxy doesn't mind being photographed but objects to the stupid hats she had to model.

After the photography session I felt Roxy deserved a walk so MeMa and I took her for a nice long walk in the cold crisp air. Being long time residents our walks are broken up with visits from friends and neighbors all wanting to know how we are faring. One gentleman that has known us for many years called out to us so while we visited Roxy laid down on the walkway giving one of those patient looks. Mr. Thompson told us that he just paid an  enormous vet bill because his little poodle ate a piece of meat that was thrown into his fenced in yard that was loaded with these nasty looking things. I just can't believe the cruelty that is some hearts.

Today, because of the weather and the fact that MeMa is having a very good day I went out into the back gardens and cleaned out so much of the fall debris that I have been ignoring. I was totally amazed by the little bananas that I cut off the three most mature hardy banana trees. Go ahead, ask me about global warming. We have had several years of the big flower heads forming but this is the first year that we have actually gotten fruit


  1. It is not too mean to hope the person responsible for injuring your neighbor's dog meets no good end,
    I wonder if Roxy knows she could hold the hat between her teeth, or under her paw. Or sit on it.

    1. By the time we were finished Roxy was ready to put that hat where it wouldn’t see light. My poor neighbor lost his wife to cancer in January and then a couple of months ago both of his adult kids moved in because they joined the ranks of unemployed adults. Not what he thought his recent retirement was going to bring him.

  2. I have my banana tree up with the citrus and will try to not overwater it. I've never gotten a bunch of bananas before. I heard a funny thing about them the other day. It said, if you don't want any brown spots on the peel (like me) then you don't enjoy the flavor of bananas. I thought that must be true. I can't abide a spot on mine.

  3. That's a terrible thing to do to a dog, some people are worse then animals. At least animals have an excuse for what they do, people are supposed to be more civilized and intelligent.

  4. *shaking her head*.
    I don't know why there are so many cruel people and how do they sleep at night !
    Your little dog has tolerated the Christmas shoot as much as she can, I can read her expression from here 😂
    Happy to know that MeMa has had a good day, goodness only knows, she deserved it.
    Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  5. I have just noticed your post and can't understand how people can be so cruel. Those nails? look terrible. I do hope the little dog is o.k. Good that MeMa had a good day.