Sunday, July 12, 2020

Wear It!

MeMa grabbed my hand and squeezed until I was able to gather myself and listen to what the young doctor had to say about MeMa's treatment plan. Her diagnosis was ovarian cancer. My leg started bouncing up and down unseen under the table, but the look of grief was apparent. The next week the young doctor performed a biopsy that confirmed what she had already told us. We have since met with the doctor that will be in charge of the three rounds of chemotherapy that MeMa will undergo in hopes that the cancerous fluid that has filled her stomach cavity will dry up enough to perform surgery. If not, then she will continue chemo. The cancer cells were ovarian in origin but detached and reattached the stomach wall in about eight places. I have never known a stronger person than my lovely wife, she has an unbelievably high pain threshold. A few years ago I watched her wince but never utter a peep while they reset her broken wrist. She has been ill for quite a few weeks and her doctor was sure it was acid reflux, so was treating her for that. MeMa finally told her that she was sure there was something else wrong. They performed a CT scan which showed the tumors. She starts chemotherapy next week and because we live in a nation of complete idiots that refuse to wear a mask because it violates their freedom or some such nonsense. The covid pandemic will not allow me past the front door of the chemo clinic. I am furious with the happenings in our world but I am heartbroken with the suffering that my beautiful wife is and will endure.


  1. Ooh Doc, my heart is heavy reading this about your beautiful wife.
    Sending healing and thoughts and prayers your way, she is such a strong lady, and with you by her side, she will beat this ugly disease.
    Hugs, to you both.

  2. Prayers for you and MeMa, Doc. Everyone talks about this covid thing, but no one talks about what seems to me to be a rise in cancer rates.

    What sort of mask is that you are wearing? It looks like it would not fog glasses. That is what I need. It's scary crossing a parking lot when I can't see because my glasses are foggy.

    Michigan went back to no vists, even with a mask also. :-(

  3. Damnation, Doc. I will be thinking hard and often about MeMa. Nothing but the best.

  4. Doc, so sorry to hear this. I do hope the chemo goes well. It is so upsetting that you will not be able to go in with her. Hugs from New Zealand.

  5. I'm ao sorry to hear this! I'm sending all my best wishes for a full recovery. Take care of each other! And please keep us updated. ❤

  6. I've been through the cancer thing myself Doc so I am aware of the feelings and emotions involved. I hope everything goes well for you all. As for the idiots I'm afraid there is no cure, or at least none that we have found in the UK. They roam the place unchecked spreading their germs and getting offended about the least little bit of a thing.