Friday, November 30, 2018

The Doctors Chickens

My lovely niece Carly was away visiting her brother Nick, my nephew. 
Ottawa Canada or there about. 
My niece is doing her residency at the Hood River Hospital. Hood River is east of Portland with an easy hour drive if the weather is good. It’s usually not, this time of year.
Last night I received a call from my sister.
Calls from my sister are rare so my heart always does this funny little thing, it stops.....until she answers. She wanted to know if I could drive to Hood River with her to check on Carly’s chickens? Relief and heart beat return, I tell her that would be great! Seems our niece is a bit worried about her chickens and is sure one is not long for this world.
When Carly got her chickens I thought how foolish, but I didn’t tell my niece how I felt because Carly has always shared my love for animals. When she was a little girl she loved coming to Menagerie Manor because it was like visiting a zoo. All through life we make and sometimes learn from our mistakes. Carly is a very intelligent young lady, so I am hoping she won’t be in the chicken business for long.
Thanks to GPS we were able to navigate the winding back country of Hood River to find her rented home and the little chicken house. Turns out the chickens were in fine fettle, a bit surprised to see us. They were in late molt which can be a bit of a health risk but all was well.
My sister treated me to lunch out on our way back to Portland. It was a lovely place at the base of the Bridge Of The God’s. You can just see fishing platforms used by the Native Americans on the far north bank of the Columbia River. And commerce is alive and well in lumber country.


  1. How fun, to be helping out the worried chicken mom.

  2. Glad to hear the chickens are good. Fresh eggs can't be beat. And if they are molting, you probably don't need to worry about collecting the eggs.
    Beautiful river.

  3. I am glad the chickens were fine - the meal out was a bonus as well as a catch up with your sister.

  4. That's a lot of lumber. Keeps the Beavers out of trouble I suppose.

  5. What an amazing boat that it. I wonder why they push rather than pull?