Friday, May 1, 2015

Fresh From The Greenhouse

For the last six years I have supplied the neighborhood with tomatoes, usually three or four varieties. They take up so much room in the greenhouse that I took advantage of our very early warm weather and have set them out for the taking.  There has already been quite a response and many have left for home gardens.
I sent out an e-mail yesterday alerting all that the supply was smaller this year so get them while it lasts and to please return the pots so we have plenty for next year.

I managed four varieties again this year.  Sun Sugar which is a yellow cherry that is so sweet and delicious, a so-so yellow pear, an heirloom Roma and my favorite Rutgers which has a very small seed cavity making them great for dicing so one does not get that sloppy seedy mess.


  1. I'm growing 4 varieties; Roma, Supersteak, Russe, and a round red cherry tom. The Russe is new to me, so my fingers are crossed.

  2. Any tomato from one's own garden is better. Next would be from a roadside stand or a farmer's market. And then, save your money and skip the disappointment.

  3. Ooh. I will look up the Sun Sugar. I do like a sweet cherry tomato. I will look up Rutgers, too.

    Such a great thing you do for your neighbors, Doc. God bless you all. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Well now, aren't you the best kind of neighbor. I have not heard of Rutgers either; I must try to find one since none of my neighbors are handing out samples.😃

  5. I wish I were in that neighborhood! I have a hard time letting go of my seedlings. I guess that is why I end up with so many tomatoes planted. Nice to see you Doc. Looking forward to a great summer of gardening friends.