Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gardens May Sleep But Never The Gardener

We bought orchid #21 "Tangerine Imp" in Hawaii, it is a Cattaleya.  It looks as though it is going to climb right out of the pot.  It is nice to have fresh flowers for the house when nothing else is available in the garden.
This last weekend the temperature was high 60's and glorious sunshine but yet the garden remains in its winter slumber.  So while there is not a lot to do in the garden I took advantage of this and worked in the greenhouse cleaning, rearranging and spraying.  I also potted up several containers of peanut cactus as for some reason it seems to be a popular request from co-workers or visitors to Menagerie Manor.

It does have a cheery little orange daisy like flower, but that is while in the greenhouse and unless one has a nice bright south window it rarely blooms in the average home.  But regardless it is a fun little cacti that is easy to grow.


  1. My garden would not be slumbering in 60 degrees; no would I. Well, that's four thousand miles for ya.
    I had that little cactus once, in my greenhouse window. It managed the occasional blossom, for a day.

  2. Lovely flowers, Doc. I have a south window, but unsure the amount of light. I do love the color though.
    Thanks for sharing your green thumb with us!

  3. Like you, Doc, I'm waiting to get out into the garden and in the meantime enjoying some indoor blooms. I don't have cacti but my hyacinth bulbs are flowering and filling the house with their perfume. It's bitterly cold outside - my but those snowdrops are tough!

  4. Nice plants and so true about gardeners not sleeping for the winter, it's when we do some of our most important work for the coming year.