Thursday, November 6, 2014

Getting Ready For Winter

Most of the gardens here are in that winter slow down stage with the exception of a few such as this giant banana which is still looking amazingly strong even after being pummelled a few weeks ago by 65 mph winds.

The dahlias and zinnias in MeMas picking garden are still supplying the house with cut flowers.

But winter is definitely around the corner so the Yuma Garden......... now crowding the greenhouse for winters duration.
And taking up Yuma's residence is my dwarf Ginkgo.
Which is just beginning to show some fall color

After burning up two pumps ($300.00 each) in the Koi pond I built screens out of plastic pipe and bird netting to catch fall leaves.
We also went up to the family cabin this last weekend and while the lovely MeMa climbed ladders and removed all of the leaves from the roof and cleaned gutters I cut this nice trailer load of Hemlock to keep the home fire burning.


  1. You get to keep summer just a little longer.

  2. Great idea for the leaf catching on your pond. Nice load of wood there, too.
    You all stay warm this weekend!

  3. Sounds as though you and MeMa make sweet memories while at the family cabin even while doing your chores. Do you get to the cabin during the winter, or is it strictly a summer cabin?

  4. I don't have a banana tree myself, but I've noticed this year that all the nearby ones are very pale green. Yours looks much more healthy.