Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Have Kittens

We have kittens!  Well not the fuzzy milk lapping pooping in a box kind, but cute little muck sucking finny kind of kittens.  A good friend of mine showed up at my office the other day and asked if I had room for some kittens in my pond?  I looked incredulous at him thinking that he intended on tossing a burlap sack of screeching kittens  into the pond.  I quickly rose from my desk ready to toss him out when he started to laugh and said he had saved about twenty little catfish from a band of hungry crows that had already devoured who knows how many of their little brethren.  My friend and his family usually spend a portion of their summer camping along a little creek but this year the creek was just about dry, probably because of beavers that build dams further up the creek.  Crows ever the opportunists saw the poor little catfish and decided not to eat at McDonald's that day and have fresh catfish.  Before they got their camp set up they set forth with buckets in hand and managed to save the remaining "kittens".  I have a small pond in the greenhouse that I overwinter water plants in so I took several of the little darlings home to Menagerie Manor.  Our koi pond would not be a safe haven for these baby catfish as there is already an extremely large resident catfish "Medusa" who has gotten that big by eating everything that comes her way.

One of four "kittens" next to a normal size marble

 A note of apology,

I received a laptop computer as a gift from my father and was building this post in draft, but instead of saving it in draft it posted it.......oops! It was really rough and no spell check, Crow was nice enough to leave a comment although I amazes me how he managed to make sense of that gobbledy goop.  Sorry Cro, you are a gentleman for not commenting on that mess.

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  1. CATFISH?? I'm amazed; I just hope they make it through the winter.... what will you feed them, cat food?