Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Good Find

I always keep an unwritten list of little projects or ideas that I would like to complete in the garden's here at Menagerie Manor.  We were recently attending the Annual Eastmorland Garage Sales, an event that draws large crowds of people looking for great bargains and treasures.  Our youngest son Ian and his family always meet us there as well, and traditionally we all go home with some fairly great finds.  Usually things for the Little Terrorists but once in a while something for this big kid.

I found this 1922 wooden pillar for $25.00.  My idea is to set it back in one of the flower beds, put a large pot of trailing annuals on the top and either a clematis or climbing rose at the base.  As you can see it is quite tall so will need to be made very secure so as not to be a danger to the Little Terrorists,  pets, or aged clumsy gardeners.


  1. An unusual find, good luck with securing it. I shall look forward to the results.

  2. I can 'see' it now - it will look wonderful. I love quirky things and this one is pretty special.

  3. I would have it stripped, then keep it in the house. Much too good to be put out in all weathers. Lucky you.... just the sort of thing I'm after at the moment.

  4. That's a great find, Doc! One of these days we'll find some neighborhood garage sales to go to.
    We love to look, even if we don't buy.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your pillar!