Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mothers Day

The daycare that Taeya and Lucy attend put on a very nice singing performance for Mothers Day on the Thursday before Mothers Day weekend.
Taeya second from left & "Annie the Daycare Doggie"

Taeya sang beautifully and Lucy....well....was Lucy
 Sunday morning we slept in until 6:30.  I stumbled out to the kitchen and slipped Miss Betty into her wheels while the other two dogs ran in circles by the back door with pained looks on their faces.  So before I had to clean puddles up I let them all out for their morning constitutions.  I then came back in and turned the coffee on, fed the grumbling Maxwell who demands a teaspoon of meat for his breakfast, opened the draperies, collected the paper from the front porch, uncovered MeMa's canaries, filled the three dogs dishes.  That done, I then go to the back door and open it only to be half knocked silly by stampeding dogs all hungry for their morning kibbles.  I wade through them and go to the greenhouse to open vents, grab a tin of food and feed the Koi fish who nearly jump out of the pond trying to get the food before it hits the water.  That bit done I return to the kitchen after unstrapping Miss Betty's wheels and give the dogs their food.  I stand back wondering if there was anything forgotten, the coffee machine making that slow dripping noise when I realize my bladder is screaming for help as I am standing there, bare feet on cold floor.  A few minutes later I am back in the kitchen doing the last part of my morning ritual and that is putting creamer and sugar in MeMa's cup, thoughts of my lovely wife going through my head on her special day.  Well no, she didn't exactly get breakfast in, she didn't have breakfast at one of the swanky restaurants that fill our city.  Well yes, she cooked breakfast for six adults and five children but I at least poured her coffee.  I know it sounds bad but it was a great time with our son's and their families.  MeMa baked a large egg and sausage thingy in the oven, our eldest son Nathan and his family brought two dozen doughnuts and I poured mimosas for the adults and the little terrorists had orange juice.  After a nice visit Nathan and his family went to visit my parents before heading out of town to the in laws for dinner.  Our youngest son Ian asked if we would be interested in going to the Sunday Parkways bike ride, we of course said we would love to. So after a bit of a clean-up.........

........Lucy filled the dishwasher.
So with bikes loaded we met  in the parking lot of Lents Park the start of the ride.  I was amazed at all the volunteers and city police that manned every intersection on the seven mile bike ride. We traveled through neighborhoods that we have never been in.  The entire route was blocked off and they did a very good job with signage and tents set up along the way with volunteers to answer any questions.  At every park there were booths set up selling food, drinks and vendors selling things we didn't really need.  Each stop had fun things for children to do as well.  It was such a pleasant ride and no time limit so we rested at some of the parks before heading on to the next.

Yep, Taeya was right Poppi looks goofy in that small helmet.

Little Terrorist #3 Lucy
When the demon sleeps the world rests.....shhh don't make any noise


  1. Oh wow it sounds like you all had a fabulous day.

  2. Haha.
    What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  3. Seven miles sounds just right. Not too short to be called a wimp, and not too long to give aching legs. I would have joined you.