Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Little Pumpkin That Became King Of the Gourds

Remember my posts about my hopeful entry in the annual Pumpkin Parade? I also posted a few about the slooow progress as my little pumpkin started its journey.
Yesterday at 5:00pm sharp the good people in our neighborhood cheerfully got together for our third annual Pumpkin Parade.  Our little pumpkin was loaded into a wagon, he watched us nervously with his radish eyes and sniffed the air with his potato nose.  
MeMa gave him a reassuring hug
And then off to the Parade...........
It was a record turn-out and besides the King of Gourds there were several other entries as well....

Even the Tin Man had an entry

The Little Scarecrow did not have an entry or a comment for that matter

                              There was much standing about before the parade started its route,

                                             but it soon did with a trombonist leading the way.
There was at least forty strong this year
With all the commotion, it brought folks out of their homes, some joined in and others took photo's.
A sad attempt at a group photo was taken by yours truly, at least I got half of the group

Then it was back to Menagerie Manor were GG Ma and GG Pa had a Kodak moment with the "Little Terrorists"
Little Terrorist #1 Taeya, practiced her curtsy and allowed the paparazzi to photograph her.

Little Terrorsit #2 Brooklyn (left) and his best friend Olly

Before the Little Terrorist were turned loose on the night we all sat down to a nice hot bowl of MeMa's home made clam chowder, a delicious secret recipe passed to her by her mother which we have made a Halloween tradition.


  1. I love clam chowder.

    The pumpkins look great! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween. :)

  2. The Pumpkin King has fulfilled it's destiny! Looks like a good tome was had by all!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun...with a good ending (good food)..:)

  4. That is a great way to clebrate with your neighbours.
    That clam chowder looks good