Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 24, 2009

MeMa is on a "Chick Trip" with Princess Jan, staying at the Inn of Spanish Head. So I have the whole weekend to work in the garden. I dug up all of GPa Potters Geraniums and put them in one gallon pots for winter storage in the garage, no room in the greenhouse. MeMa received flowers for her birthday from Jilly and I pulled out a large sprig of Rose scented Geranium and made about ten cuttings for next spring. Dug up all the pole beans and froze a bag of beans off them. Cleaned out MeMa's hen house and laid sawdust in the yard. Transplanted the large yellow Tree Peony to the back fence, I'm hoping that the reason it suffers die back every year is because it was in too shady an area. It will be in full sun in the new location. I put a large metal screen behind my climbing rose "Night Owl" that will give it twelve feet to climb. Transplanted climbing rose "Mme Alfred Carriere" into the edge of the vegetable garden bordering the path and installed another screen behind her as well. After filling the trailer with yard debris I gave the lawn a dose of Ammonia Sulfate to green it up. A good weekend in the garden!

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