Monday, August 17, 2009

August 16, 2009

Well it was a buisy weekend in the garden, MeMa and I are getting it ready for what has become an anual staff party for all my fellow office staff. Last year we picked the hottest night of the year but this year they are promising middle 80's.....perfect! Anyway there are not a lot flowers this time of year but the dahlias are coming into their own so at least it won't be all green.
I had to take the nest boxes out of the Keet's aivery because the two females in the bunch keep fighting with each other and both have bite wounds on their legs and faces. So enough of that nests! They all seem to be happy now and are using both legs, so no permanent damage.
Yesterday afternoon I decided to clean out from behind the Redwood and ran into a Yellow Jacket nest in the ground, I got stung real bad on the back of my neck and little Soffie got stung on her ear and in her mouth so we ended up taking her to Dove Lewis emergencie Vet to get her a shot of Benedryl. I have pest control coming on Wednesday to dig out and remove the nest.
I dug out the last of the sweet peas and emptied a compost bin into the row which I will probably plant with some of the Basil in the greenhouse. Not getting any significant number of tomatoes yet but now that the row of Sweet Peas is gone there is a lot more light getting to them.
While I was out in the front yard dead heading roses I had a car stop in front and the lady driving asked me what plant that was blooming, I told hardy Hybiscus "Blue Bird". She said she just loved it and was going to go look for it at the nursery. I told her I had a small one in the greenhouse that she was welcome to. She was just thrilled and told me that she thought we had the most beautifull yard.
Last week the Night Blooming Cyrus bloomed two flowers this time. I guess it loves the greenhouse because this is the first time we have had multiple blooms on it.

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