Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meanwhile back in the Greenhouse

Crown of Thorns Euphorbia milii

Dendrobium alba "Hula Girl"
 Vanda Orchid, one of several that was given to me because the previous owner got tired of it not blooming.

In my office I have a large collection of Phalaenopsis Orchids, this is Phal. "Yellow Beauty" which I picked up at an Orchid show on Kauai. I had heard sort of third handed that one could bring orchid plants back to the mainland without having them inspected by the agricultural department. So I purchased several of them at the orchid show against Mema's wishes as she was quite certain that we would be arrested or detained for trying to smuggle live plants through customs. She stood three people back from me in the inspection line with a smug look on her face , ready to say "I told you so". As it was my turn to put all personal belongings on the x ray belt I gently laid my shopping bag containing the obvious "contraband" asking the uniformed officer if it would be ok to send it through bottom first so as not to knock the flowers off the exposed stems, he was very obliging and even put his hand over the flowers as they disappeared through the opening of the machine. With broad smile on my face I stepped through and waited to collect my plants and other items on the safe side. After the next couple of passengers passed through it was Mema's turn, she sent her carry-on bag through the machine and then stepped through and promptly was stopped by the officer. She had forgotten to take off her watch which set the buzzer off and was made to step through the detector again, sigh of buzz....she was safe, or so she thought. The officer told her "mam, we are going to have to search your bag". She glanced in my direction with a horrified look on her face as they pulled her and the bag to the side. It turned out to be three tins of Kippers that I never go anywhere without. She was absolutely embarrassed when the officer held them up with a look that said something like "you eat this stuff"? The rest of the boarding was uneventful and very quiet. I ordered drinks almost immediately and by time we arrived at the Portland Airport she was even chuckling at the memory.


  1. So nice to see cute little crown of thorns flowers. We are so used to see heavy bunch of crowning flowers which overlap with one another.
    ~ bangchik

  2. Here in Oregon the Crown of Thorns has to remain an indoor plant, but a lovely one at that.

  3. Such wonderful exotic plants Doc. By the way, I always seem to set off the alarm at airports, goodness knows why..!

  4. I have a Crown of Thorns, and my bulldog almost killed it when he was a pup! No kidding; he CHEWED it down to a nub!! Lucky for me it came back and blooms quite a bit.