Saturday, June 6, 2020

In Hiding

This morning we fed Roxy and then took her out for a wee and poo. She then watched us quietly leave the house without her and I'm sure she was quite confused with this odd turn of events. For one of the first times since the stay at home order started we decided that we would do our own shopping. Not that we don't appreciate our neighbors doing weekly grocery shopping for us, but it felt so good to get into the car and take off on our own. It wasn't much, but it was good to get out.
The problem with getting out is that we are quickly reminded of how ugly our once beautiful city has become. Homeless encampments everywhere and these are the homeless that choose to stay that way. They are offered help but turn it down, preferring to live in a tent city where drugs and thievery are a way of life. Our neighborhood chat group called "Next-Door" is a constant stream of reports about cars being broken into, bicycles stolen, large items stolen from backyards and front porches.  They are frequently quite bold about it, going as far as waving at the homeowners surveillance cameras. Just the other night, a homeowner went down to the encampment three blocks from our home and retrieved his bicycle that had been stolen the previous night. I imagine more people are going to start doing the same as we get little if any help from city police.

Our once beautiful city center is a disgusting boarded up ghetto, the Justice Center completely fenced off with eight foot steel fencing and police guarding it's perimeter 24/7. Nine days of protests for the sensless death/murder of George Floyd have been peaceful but then are followed by a riot that involves rioters setting fire to businesses, vehicles and more. It is all well covered by the media showing  white rioters smashing through store fronts and looting, with very little control from the police. We watched the Apple store being hammered on until the large glass building front crumbled and dozens of looters entered and then came running out with arm loads of computers and cell phones. It was horrible to watch. How is this sort of behavior helping the cause? George Floyds brother gave a live talk the next day asking that the riots and looting stop, that this sort of thing will not bring his brother back.

  We have lost all faith in our city's governing body like we have lost all faith in the sorry and embarrassing  sloth of a President. Every day it is more and more evident that the world we knew has disappeared.                                                                                                           

While we toiled away making sure that the gardens were made tidy for all those guests that will not be coming this year, Roxy slept the afternoon away in a nice shady spot were she could keep an eye on us both. Being in our garden takes us away from what is going on all around us. Perhaps when the the pandemic is gone, the riots have stopped and we come out from our hidden gardens, life outside will have improved. My head is full of doubt but my heart is full of hope.

Saturday, May 16, 2020


Our unseasonably warm weather has faded and rain has returned and with it the latest jigsaw puzzle was brought out. 
This one although not that large (500) pieces was a real labor intensive pain in the arse.
For the last year there has been so much construction going on around us that it dosen't take much more than a light sprinkle of rain added to the construction noise to make this old gardener quit doing what he loves doing more than anything else and join MeMa in a quite session of puzzle making hopla.
The storage facility at the end of our street is still in full swing, dozens of workers making all sort of noise.
The ten large homes now behind our once very private back property are almost all sold and filled with families.
Our next door neighbor's upper addition and rear add on is turning out to be a a bigger project than we thought.
Today the city engineer team has informed us that very soon they will be returning with heavy machinery to "jackhammer" the street, sidewalk and curbing in front of our home and adding a large ADA approved curb cut with wheelchair ramp. 
 I think we will be spending more time at the cabin were it is so quiet one can hear a deer fart.
It happens.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Bouquet of Hummingbirds

For the last four or five years we have been feeding a bouquet of hummingbirds and yes that is your trivia for today, a bouquet!

 Anyway this spring as we sat on the porch with those little hummers humming around us we noticed one take off and land in our Monkey Puzzle tree.
 Then he hopped deeper into the branches and fed his mate who was sitting on a golf ball sized nest. I thought what a perfect fortress of protection. The nest was just sitting on top of one of the prickly branches and nothing can get to it.
Today we put the ladder up and removed the nest as they typically only use the nest once and the weather will soon destroy it. It will look really cool in my museum case.

Ho Hum........

Originally I said that staying home didn't really change life for a couple of retired folk but it has. 

Today I was reading my journal from the previous year, and retired we may have been then as well, stay at home was definatly not the case.

I am amazed at how much we crammed into a day, going here coming there. We were        
gad-abouts,  plain and simple.


Now, our cars have not been out of the garage in a week, maybe more. 

My journal entries lately are an embarrassment compared to last year at this time.

We did manage to finish a jigsaw puzzle. Whoopee! 

Oh, we took Roxy for a walk and talked to a neighbor......

 yep, thats what these two old retired folk did today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Completing The Waterfall

 Laying the fabric was the easy part, the koi are very curious.
 Gathering the rock I have stashed all over the garden was the hard part.

 I take that back, carrying each rock across this narrow wall was very difficult and could have been a really bad experience.
 Tried like heck to use the rock we had but the last flagstone was just to small to work, no matter which way I flipped it.

 A quick trip to the quarry and the new flag fit like a glove.

 These Koi really are very curious creatures.

The finished waterfall. Enjoy!