Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Light came on

Last spring, about this very time of morning I was sitting as I am in this photo feeding these same fish and an idea came to me. I had just tossed a handful of pellets and was watching my beloved Koi swirl about trying to out maneuver each other as they gobbled their breakfast. Blue Herons are the devil to deal with for fish enthusiast because there is not a thing one can do to protect koi from them as they are a protected species, so one is destined to keep trying all the latest gadgets on the market that will frighten but not injure these lovely birds. And believe me I have purchased sooooo many of these over the years and continued to lose fish. I had recently been sitting in the garden room with the lovely Mema haveing our tea when a heron landed by the edge of the pond directly in front of the windows of the Garden room, but then squawked and flew away hurriedly. We were both surprised as we knew it could not have seen us because at that time of day there is a glare on the windows, so we knew it had to have seen its own reflection and frightened itself. So back to me sitting on the bench feeding fish when the idea sinks in. I ran upstairs to the Library and entered "gazing ball" into the computer and found a sight that offered lightweight metal gazing balls. I ordered the largest one for fifty U.S. dollars.

And since its instillation we have been Heron free and no fish loss. The ornate metal stand is an antique cigarette ashtray holder from a smoking lounge. The pond is four feet deep, but the channel under the bridge and extending for another two feet either side is only two feet , perfect for the long legged Herons to wait for their supper.

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